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Benjamin, born 2000, Coronary Artery

Benjamin, born 2000

Our son, Benjamin, became sick in July of 2004. We were sent to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida where he was diagnosed with cancer. While in surgery to biopsy the tumors, doctors found that Ben had a very serious heart condition. He started chemo in August and will be receiving treatments for two years. After the shock of everything wore off a little, we took Ben to see a pediatric cardiologist. He said Ben's coronary artery is in the wrong place in his heart. Because of this, it is much longer and it curves around and runs between his aorta and pulmonary vessel. It can be compressed at any time. If that happens, he will lose blood supply and die.


We were told that there is not much research on this type of condition because most people who have it don't know until they die. They gave us the example of the baseball or football player who dies on the field for no obvious reason. Ben is on numerous medications right now for his cancer. The doctor says once he has completed all treatments we can talk about the next step. He said the surgery for this type of condition is very risky. We hope by joining Little Hearts there might be someone out there who could give us some more answers.


Our son is 4 1/2 and he amazes us with his strength. My family believes that God isn't going to let him go through all of this chemotherapy just to have him die of a heart condition. I pray every day that this is true.


Story by Benjamin's mom, Deborah - Florida

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