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Brooke, 2013

Brooke, born 2013

On June 17, 2013 we were blessed with our second daughter, Brooke. At my 20 week ultrasound we found out that she had CCTGA and a VSD. Our doctor recommended that we go to CHOP for further testing and so began our journey.


A few weeks before Brooke was born, I had to relocate to Philly so that we would be there in case I went into labor. My C-section was scheduled for June 17th at CHOP. We quickly learned there are amazing!


Brooke was born without any complications and was sent home five days later. She had her first surgery on July 12th to have a band on her artery. No complications from the heart surgery but she ended with an intestinal infection and was in the hospital for 26 days. Thank god for the Ronald McDonald House! My husband and older daughter went home during the week and visited us on weekends.


Brooke started daycare in December. Her Doctors are trying to wait until she is at least one year old to do her major surgery but at this point we don't know what they plan to do yet.


Story by Brooke’s mom, Erin - Pennsylvania

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