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Harlie, 2005

Harlie, born 2005

Harlie Rene was born on October 10, 2005 as our first born and beautiful baby girl weighing 6 lbs 5oz. Within 36 hours, Tetralogy of Fallot was detected and she was transferred to an area children's hospital. At 10 days old she received her first of two heart surgeries. At 15 months, her next. At 6 years old, Harlie had her 3rd open heart surgery where she had her pulmonary valve placed.


Today, Harlie is the picture of health. She is a great big sister and a very thoughtful and giving child. Her concern is always for everyone else. We have always said that Harlie is a very "old soul". She has taught us more in her almost 10 years of life than we have learned our ENTIRE lives. She's active in dancing, acting, singing and girl scouts. She sees her cardiologist annually and hopefully will not need another surgery for quite some time. We're so blessed to have our heart baby in our lives.


Story by Harlie’s mom, Lana - Louisiana

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