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Jeff - born 1996, HLHS.jpg

Jeff, born 1996

I have twenty one years of CHD experience with me, and to be honest I rarely think about it. Of course I take my meds every morning but that's just routine at this point. The surgeries and procedures are all behind me and I feel great. I graduated college in June of 2017 and I'm eager to move on and make the most of my life.


The most challenging aspect of having HLHS is other people's perception. A few weeks ago I was helping a friend move. No more than 10 minutes goes by then I hear in the distance "What are you doing? Don't you know he has a heart problem?". It's the hardest part of having a heart condition, when others think you are incapable. Unfortunately this happens often and every time I tell them that I can do whatever they can do, in the most polite way of course.


I do my best to eat healthy and stay in shape for the sake of my heart and I'm very thankful for the life I have today and want to say a special thank you to the doctors who had hope in me. Dr. Freed who has monitored my health since day one and continues to do so when I went for my annual appointment last month. All looks good! Not to mention Dr. Jonas, the surgeon that literally saved my life. I don't know what he's doing these days to be honest but wherever he is I hope he's enjoying life, he certainly deserves it. 


I am living life the most normal way I know how and my CHD will never define me or my limitations.

Kind regards, Jeff  

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