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Justin, 2001

Justin, born 2001

My Journey began roughly 11 years ago when God gave me life inside my mom's tummy. The doctors noticed at a checkup appointment that my heart hadn't formed all four chambers and that's when it all started.


On September 4, 2001 I took my first breath and started down this long bumpy road called life. I was only 24 hours old when I took my first long ride as I was transported to Children's of Egleston in Atlanta. My mom and dad were very scared because I had to take that trip all by myself but I was a big boy and handled it very well. The doctors and nurses took great care of me while my mommy was trying to get out of the hospital so she could be by my side. After I arrived in Atlanta it was just a few hours and my parents finally made it here.


The very next day I had my first surgery which was a PA Band, I did very good and only had to stay a week in the hospital before I was able to go home for the first time. They found several congenital heart defects such as Double Inlet Left Ventricle, Ventricular Septal Defect, Hypoplastic Right Ventricle, Transposition of the Great Arteries, Sub Aortic Stenosis, Coarctation, and Hypoplastic Aortic Arch. Then in February 2002, I went back to Atlanta for my second surgeries, Damus K Stansel, and Glenn) and ended up forming a blood clot and had to have third surgery to correct it. That was very scary because after the second surgery my lung collapsed from being so weak, but I was able to pull through and finally went home.


In June 2004, we made our last trip so far to Atlanta for the Fontan surgery. In January 2012, I have been getting very tired, no energy, very pale and bluish in color and having some chest pains. My mom and dad took me to the ER and heart doctor again and they are now doing a heart cath to determine what’s going on. So you can follow my progress here. If I can please ask for your prayers as I know God is holding my hand through this process it still makes me scared and nervous!!! Thanks to everyone.


Story written by Justin's mom, Crystal - Georgia

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