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Sullivan, 2007

Sullivan, born 2007

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, my husband and I received some shocking news at what was supposed to be a routine ultrasound. The technician discovered an abnormality in our unborn son's heart. We were sent immediately to a pediatric cardiologist who performed an echocardiogram and confirmed the news. One son had a multitude of heart defects including Tricuspid Atresia, TGA, and a VSD.


We enrolled in the Fetal Heart Program at CHOP and they monitored our son's developments. We were constantly amazed at their caring, and felt well-prepared for what was to come.


Through their coordination, On June 1, 2007, we gave birth to Sullivan Shea at University of PA. He was healthy and pink and screaming. Though we were glad for the medical attention, my heart broke to see my newborn taken away. We were unable to see him for nearly seven hours! Those first few days seem like a dream. Touching, but not holding. Watching but being unable to do anything to comfort.


Sullivan had the BT Shunt on June 4th. We were able to hold him for the first time that morning. Surgery was a success and after an encouraging recovery, we were able to take our sweet little man home on June 12, 2007.


All too quickly, November 2007 rolled around and Sullivan's second stage (Glenn) was scheduled. We had much to be thankful for, as were brought him home two days before Thanksgiving.


Today, Sullivan is healthy and growing big and strong. We know that we have been greatly blessed to have the responsibility of caring for this little one. I tell him frequently that we are so glad that he chose us. Daily we learn from and are encouraged by our brave boy who has been through so much.


Story by Sullivan's mom, Sarah - Pennsylvania 

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