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Aamon, 2004

Aamon, born 2004

Sitting in my flannel pajamas, my hormones a mess and physically drained after giving birth just 24 hours before, my husband and I sat at a hospital conference table while listening in disbelief as a pediatric cardiologist described Aamon's special heart. We sat and wept as she talked about the four defects in his tiny heart and potential interventions. It was like a "word-salad", even to us as health professionals. All I could do is sit there and think, "how can you tell me my son is anything but perfect?!"


Initially, acceptance was the hardest part for us, because Aamon looked and developed just like any other baby. He had no complications leading up to his surgery and only had one "blue-spell", which occurred the night he was diagnosed. Aamon underwent a complete and successful repair at 5 1/2 months at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, MN. We were amazed at his strength and ability to recover so quickly from such a major surgery. He had no complications and was home less than a week later.


Today no one would guess by watching Aamon that he was born with heart defects nor could they imagine what he has been through, other than by his scar. He is extremely active and very social! Someday we'll tell him about his special little heart, but in the meantime he is enjoying life as an energetic little boy!


Story by Aamon's mom, Monica - Wisconsin

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