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Aiden, COA, 2009

Aiden, born 2009

Our son Aiden was born on November 11, 2009 at 39 weeks. One of the pediatricians noticed a heart murmur the next day, but didn't think it was serious. Then they had difficulty finding a pulse in his feet. Then came more tests and finally a transfer to Baystate Children's Hospital in Springfield when he was 4 days old, when we finally met with a cardiologist that diagnosed his COA.


He was quickly transferred to Children's Hospital Boston and surgery was scheduled to repair the COA. It was difficult to see our sweet baby with tubes and wires connected everywhere and to hear him cry from hunger. I just wanted to hold him and keep him safe. Aiden's COA repair was performed at 1 week old by Dr. Emani. Time ticked by so slowly, but finally he was out and the surgery was a success. I was so surprised how quickly Aiden healed after surgery and just 3 days later we were able to take him home where he met his older brother for the first time.


Aiden is now a very active, demanding and lovable 2 year old. We have been told he may need further surgery as an adult, but for now we just feel blessed that he is healthy.


Story by Karen, mom to Aiden - Massachusetts

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