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Alex, 2011

Alex, born 2011

We found out that our second son, Alex, had HLHS on our routine 24 week ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was having a lot of trouble finding his "landmarks". He then had the doctor come in to look at the ultrasound. They informed us that there was something wrong with our baby's heart and sent us to another hospital to see a pediatric cardiologist.


It was the longest four months of my life after I found out that my baby was going to be born with a heart defect. I had many different emotions, and was so scared for the "unknown."


On April 28th, our beautiful baby was born. The doctors decided to induce me so that all of the doctors would for sure be there. Alex was 8 lbs 15 oz. He was a little blue after he was born, but was breathing on his own. They even let my husband and I hold him for a little while. Four hours after he was born he was transferred to Children's Hospital in Omaha, NE. Alex had his first surgery at four days old. We stayed in the hospital for eight days after the surgery. He had no complications and we were able to bring him home!


At home we had to check his weight and oxygen sat every day. He did very well at home. We were able to take him off his medications 2 weeks after we were home (he came home on Lasix and a blood pressure medication). In September he had a heart cath to evaluate if he needed the next surgery. It was decided that was ready for the next stage.


October 7th, Alex had his second surgery. We were in the hospital this time for eight days. He had a little set back one night where he was working hard to breathe and they had to put him back on oxygen and start a medication to help his heart to pump. That was his only complication and we were again on our way home.


Alex is now 14 months old and doing everything a baby his age should. He is walking and climbing everything. He tries to keep up with his four year old brother. We did have some issues with reflux when he was younger, but he is doing much better now and no longer needs medication for reflux.


We thank God every day for this great gift. We have learned to take life a day at a time and not to take anything for granted. He has definitely been a blessing in our lives!


Story by Alex's mom, Ranae - Nebraska

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