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Anders, born 2010

Anders' first heart catheterization was March 10, 2010. He was exactly 3 weeks old.  They are so tiny and I was confused on how they would navigate within a newborn’s little body. Every detail of their veins and organs are so much smaller than that of an adult.


Every family member rallied around us and had helped us out so much. Anthony and I stayed in the pre-op room with Anders. Anders was NOT happy. He wanted his bottle. He was so hungry not being able to have anything not even water. The nurses did allow him to have a sugar pacifier though. Then it was time to draw blood from Anders. I stayed so I could hold, distract, and then comfort my baby boy. It was extremely hard to be in that room and help the nurses do their job. Somehow I had the strength to tell Anders how brave he was and how it was going to help the doctors do their job, that everything was okay not knowing for sure if it would be or not. I know Anders didn’t know what I was saying but it was soft words spoken kindly and with encouragement to him. The nurses told us that we need to leave so that they could administer anesthesia. Anthony and I joined our family out in the waiting room until the nurses called us back to walk with him to the OR doors.


Just looking at my Anders sleeping so still knowing what was coming next was heart wrenching. Knowing I could not go with him. We were all very worried and wondering if the surgery would go well and if there would be leakage. Everything was left up to prayer at this point. I had a great support system. We all took turns crying, hugging, and buying gifts for Anders. Finally, Dr. Delaney came out with the other OR nurses and said his surgery was a success. Anders body took the anesthesia well and they were able to slightly under balloon, which is great. His leakage was mild which is good and normal after this procedure. Praise the Lord. That is the power of prayer. We were able to go up and join Anders in his room. There were new stuffed animals waiting for him. Anthony and I spent the night with Anders.  Papa Brett and Grandma Lori picked us up in the morning and took Anders and I home. We made it home!


I have been told that this procedure will be done on average every 2.4 years until Anders is full grown. When Anders is full grown, I have been told that he will need an Aortic Valve replacement. That is all I know at this point. I know it will come in the future and I try not to think about it now.


Story by Ander's mom, Elizabeth - NEBRASKA

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