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Andrew, 2002

Andrew, born 2002

My son, Andrew, was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries on March 26, 2002. He had an arterial switch the next month on April 7th. They left his chest open for a few days to monitor bleeding. His phrenic nerve was paralyzed from the surgery, so he had to have a plication to expedite getting him off the ventilator. During this time he was in SVT (an abnormal rhythm) and they cardioverted him during the plication surgery. He had to be shocked again for the same arrhythmia and was then put on a cardarone drip.


He is now a healthy and active little boy but is small for his age and only takes one medication, enalapril. Andrew is going to have an exercise stress test and another echo in a few months to determine the severity of pulmonary stenosis which they have been watching for about six years. He may need a balloon or stent to open the pulmonary artery.


Andrew has a wonderful and loving family who prays for him continuously. We feel blessed that God has given us this special little boy and are grateful for the dedicated staff at Children's Hospital in New Orleans.


Story by Andrew's mom, Pam - Mississippi

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