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Andrew, 2005

Andrew, born 2005

Andrew was born with TGA and COA. He underwent a life-saving procedure in the cardiac catheterization lab at 24 hours old, and two open-heart surgeries at three days old. He was then diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis six months later, for which he had a third open-heart surgery when he was a year old. He has had other cardiac catheterizations along the way and will likely need more - as well as more open-heart surgery in the future.

However, to look at Andrew today, you would never know anything ever happened to him at all. He is the picture of health; a happy, energetic boy who loves running and climbing, reading with his Mom and Dad, Puzzles, and any kind of toy game that puts him behind the steering wheel. He is doing extremely well - and we are so blessed.


Story by Andrew's mom, Megan - Connecticut

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