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Andrew B, 2004

Andrew B, born 2004

We were very excited to learn that we were expecting twins, our first children.  Due to carrying multiples we were considered a "high risk" pregnancy and received a level 2 ultrasound at 17 weeks.  The tests showed some calcification on baby A's heart, so we were sent for a fetal echocardiogram. The echo showed an aortic blockage and we were told that the condition would almost certainly develop into Internet research yielded some pretty discouraging information about the survival rates of Given encouraging data, we decided that we would give birth and let the doctors do the best they could to help our child through surgery.

Our hopes were up when our cardiologist told us that through a fetal intervention surgery it might be possible to reduce or even eliminate the aortic blockage before the onset of Andrew and his twin sister Allison were born via c-section on December 6, 2004.  Andrew was immediately taken across the street to Boston Children's Hospital by ambulance in a medically-induced coma. He underwent his Norwood surgery (Sano type) before we was even 48 hours old. The day following surgery he had some cardiac distress and they found a blood clot under his heart so they had to open him up a second time.  He spent the first month of life in the hospital but eventually came home to be with his sister.

Andrew had his Glenn surgery when he was four months old and did very well - no complications and home in 4 days!

Andrew has done very well - you'd never know he has a special heart just to look at him.  His color is good, he eats well, loves to play, smile, entertain his sister and swim in the pool.  After all the hoopla, I often forget that he's a heart kid and will need another surgery. We are so thankful that we live in the Boston area and are so close to Boston Children's Hospital and that he has had very few complications.

Andrew is living proof that Story by Andrew's dad, Tony - Massachusetts 

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