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Anthony, 2011

Anthony, born 2011

When I found out at 25 weeks that my baby had a CHD, the hospital transferred us to different hospital for more care! We then found out our baby had HLHS and were so lost and confused.


On August 15th, our beautiful Anthony was born in Baltimore and was transferred to Children's Hospital in DC. On August 19th, only 4 days old, he had his first surgery. Anthony was extremely sick and not doing well. During his chest closure a week later we experienced our first earthquake while he was being stitched up. Anthony pulled threw and went home after 23 days in CICU.


After we were home a few weeks Anthony was very fussy and vomiting. An echo showed his arch was narrowing and Anthony was back in Children's the week before thanksgiving. Anthony had a cath done and they ballooned the arch and he was sent home a week later. We returned to his follow up visit and after another echo he was sent back to Children's Anthony and had his second surgery, December 7th, when he was just three months old. Anthony had a few set backs after surgery which took longer to extubate. He also went into respirator failure and then he started to do great.


Anthony was sent home four days before Christmas, the best gift ever! Today, he is doing wonderful, the love of my life!


Story by Anthony’s mom, Rebecca - Maryland

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