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Asher, 2010

Asher, born 2010

Meet brave heart, Asher, our courageous hero! He is our little heart warrior born October 27, 2010 with Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. We were unaware of Asher’s heart defect during pregnancy, so we were shocked and heartbroken when our sweet baby boy was born into this world fighting for his life. He has bravely endured 2 open heart surgeries and 3 heart catheterizations before his 1st birthday at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He also has some developmental delays due to his heart surgeries and a PVL injury, but is making wonderful progress and reaching milestones daily through therapy. We expect him to recover like a champ and lead a life not defined by his CHD, but rather a life filled with wonder, adventure, and joy – the sky is the limit! Asher’s CHD will require life-long specialized cardiac care, along with heart surgery/procedures as he grows, but we are believing for miracle breakthroughs in medical research. Our faith in an amazing God and His powerful promises of healing give us peace and hope for this journey. He can take broken pieces and make masterpieces!


Our lives drastically changed the moment Asher was born with a broken heart, but we are stronger, love deeper, and have faith that can move mountains because of this incredible trial. With every crisis comes opportunity. I have been so blessed to have joined with other heart families to offer hope, help, and healing to others through our experience and spread CHD awareness.


Story by Asher's mom, Anna - Mississippi

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