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Aubrey, born 2006

Prior to Aubrey's birth we were aware at 20 weeks gestation she had pulmonary atresia.  The extent of her heart and outcomes at birth were unclear at that time. She was born a whopping 8 lb 7 oz.  So upon arrival, her placement in the PICU seemed out of place. She was a little trooper and underwent her first open heart surgery at one week old.  She was a little trooper and fought hard post surgically. It was with great joy we were able to bring her home two weeks later. Aubrey's first year had some minor difficulties but her strong will brought us through. She had her second open heart procedure the hemi-fontan at 10 months.  Just a day later she was sitting up in the ICU waving to nursing staff.


The next year was a trying year for Aubrey as she developmental was having some fine and gross motor delay.  She was diagnosed with a left sided stroke, that most likely developed post surgically during her 1st operation. With excellent therapist,  Aubrey showed great improvements. Aubrey continued to do well, as she continued to grow due to heart demands the fontan procedure was completed in 2010.  A complete success with a discharge home just two days after her procedure. 


Today, Aubrey is now thriving.  She has some minor fine and gross motor difficulties due to her stroke, which are not recognized easily.  She participates in dance, gymnastics, and recently tried soccer. She loves life and is a perfect example of what hope, prayer, and love can accomplish!


Story by Aubrey's mom, Chastity - Pennsylvania

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