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Ayden, 2008

Ayden, born 2008

Ayden was born March 26, 2008 at 38 weeks. He was diagnosed 30 hours later with HLHS when his patent ductus arteriosus began to close. He had seizures when his PDA was closing too. Luckily we were still in the hospital. We were transferred to St. John's Hospital NICU in Springfield, IL. Six hours following the transfer we were transferred to St. Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri. Ayden was very sick but by March 31st he underwent the Norwood procedure. he had some bleeding and had to be reopened after his surgery but all was successful thanks to Dr. Charles Huddleston and the whole team at St. Louis Children's.


Four months later he is NG free and according to the doctors, he is doing wonderfully. Just the other day he giggled for the 1st time! he has two older sisters, Klarissa and Kelsey, that cuddle with him and love him bunches! Ayden has a very special angel watching over him - his older brother, Logan, who was stillborn October 2006.


Story by Ayden's mom, Anita - ILLINOIS

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