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Beckett, 2013

Beckett, born 2013

April 23, 2013 is a day we will never forget. I went for a follow-up from our anatomy sonogram because they couldn't see his heart. I went by myself on my lunch hour thinking "I will be in and out, no big deal". Boy was I wrong! We found out about his heart defect when I was about 24 weeks pregnant. We were in shock and state of confusion about how this could happen.


We were told that when he was born he would be bluish gray and more than likely be flown to St. Louis for surgery a few days after he was born. The day he was born was miraculous! Not only was he perfectly pink but the cardiologist decided his heart was stable enough and the pulmonary artery was open wide enough that his surgery could be postponed until he was six months old. The staff was very impressed with his coloring and how he looked overall, especially being 3 weeks early! We were very lucky that he was able to go home with us.


There have been a few hiccups since his birth but his team of doctors has been closely monitoring him and feels his surgery will be successful. His surgery has been scheduled for January 23, 2014, exactly 9 months from the day we found out.


Story by Beckett’s mom, Jenn - Illinois

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