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Bella, born 2012

I found out my Bella was going to be born with a congenital heart defect on my 22 week ultra sound appointment when the doctor told me they couldn’t get a “good picture of her heart" and referred me to Children’s Hospital in Boston. I was nervous but I was reassured by my family that I was healthy so therefore my baby will be fine. Needless to say when the specialist at Children’s told me she had HLHS I felt my world was crashing down. I cried for two days straight and felt like there was no hope.


My Bella has had both the Norwood and Glenn surgeries so far and they were all successful. I had to let go and hope and pray for my baby that surgeons would heal Bella.


All you need is a little faith and give your baby a chance to make it before you give up hope. I am glad I did because everyday with my precious baby is a beautiful day! Don’t let go of HOPE!


Story by Bella’s mother, Jean - Massachusetts

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