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Brandon, 2013

Brandon, born 2013

My name is Diane and I am a mother of a beautiful lovable boy named Brandon. I met my love in 2011 and we started getting serious when the word baby came into our conversation. We tried and tried and we couldn't conceived till one day all seem weird there were signs so I decided to take a test and sure enough it came out positive! Me and my boyfriend were so excited. All of our family was thrill especially my parents as Brandon was their first born grandson and we all couldn't wait. I had all my doctor appointments and all the tests came out beautiful no problems at all. Till the day he was born I guess god wanted to surprise me not only with him but with what Brandon brought along with him.


Brandon was diagnosed Truncus Arteriosus when he was three days old and was rushed to CHLA Children’s Hospital. This was big nightmare as we sat there hearing listening to a PC explaining that he needed major heart construction. To hear that your newborn needs surgery it's like your world crumbles and you just want to die! Brandon had surgery on April 29 2013 and thank god he did well. Not only did we find out he was born with a broken heart we found out the hard way that he had abnormality in his brain called polymicrogyria which meant he will be delayed with motor skills and all ability of life. After two months, he was released and I finally got to take my baby home.


I am happily reporting that Brandon is a happy two year old who is only delayed one year but is growing beautiful and gaining tons of strength and courage! If you see him you wouldn't think he’d been through open heart surgery. I give thanks for giving me this year and more to come.


Story by Diane, mom to Brandon – California

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