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Braydon, COA, 2010

Braydon, born 2010

Braydon was born July 31, 2010. He was a perfectly healthy 7lbs. 7oz. Everything was going well until he went in on day two to get circumcised.


My husband had gone home to let our dog out, so I was in the hospital by myself. The doctor who was going to do the circumcision came in to my room, introduced himself, and then proceeded to tell me that he could not do Braydon's circumcision because he either had coarctation of the aorta or Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.


He drew me pictures of each of these, said that he was sorry to bring me this news, and walked out of the door. I was shocked to say the least. I called my husband immediately and started to realize what was happening. The nurses brought Braydon in to my room in an incubator and led me to the NICU. From there, IVs were put in to keep his "baby valve" open. Lots of echocardiograms were done and by 4:30 that afternoon, he was flown to Penn State Hershey Medical Center and admitted into the NICU. I was yet to be discharged, but as soon as I was, we were on our way. Once we were in Hershey there were several more echos done and Braydon became jaundice. He stayed under the bili lights for about 2 days. Once the jaundice was under control we were allowed to hold him again.


Braydon was 4 days old when he had his open heart surgery to correct his VSD and coarctation of the aorta. He came home when he was 10 days old.


Today he is 20 months old and doing well. The last time we went to the cardiologist, he told us that it looked like his aorta was narrowing in a few places, but nothing to be concerned about immediately. We are so thankful for everyone that helped out little guy, and are still helping him.


Story by Braydon’s mom, Allison – Pennsylvania

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