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Conor, 2000

Conor, born 2000

Conor was born by c-section on January 26, 2000. Being our second child, we were looking forward to enjoying our new baby and assuming we were "veteran" parents. Well, we were in for the shock of our lives.


After Conor was born, he was having difficulty breathing so there was the thought that he had pneumonia. After working on him for an hour, the neonatologist called in a pediatric cardiologist. Conor was then diagnosed with TAPVR and was intubated and transferred to Columbia Presbyterian of New York. When he was only twenty hours old, he had open heart surgery. His repair was more complicated than anticipated and his recovery was very, very difficult. His lungs were what they called "very wet" and the miracle of chest tubes assisted in "drying" them out.


These fives years have been such a learning experience for the entire family. Conor has been in and out of the hospital for various respiratory and pulmonary issues, however, nothing seems to slow him down. He is an amazing kid. We consider ourselves blessed to have been touched by his doctors, nurses, family, friends and Little Hearts. Only parents of "heart children" can understand what it is like. For that, we thank you.


UPDATE 2010: Just a quick update that Conor is doing great! He had a relatively mild winter, and is growing at a rate we never thought we'd see! He's playing baseball again this spring, and although he grimaces that I make him wear the chest protector, he is almost at the point where he understands what he's been through, and appreciates where he's been. Thanks Little Hearts for your continued support!


Story by Conor's mom, Bridget - New Jersey

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