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Corey, 2002

Corey, born 2002

My son, Corey, was born with Truncus Arteriosus, type II. This was my third child so needless to say, we were devastated with the news and were so mixed with feelings. We wondered why as my other two sons are healthy.


I found out when I was 20 weeks pregnancy and when I look back, I am grateful. This gave us the opportunity to research Corey's heart defect and find the best surgeon and found Dr. Q at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City. Corey's surgery was at 5 days old and he was home 5 days later only on lasix.


We were told that by the time Corey was one that he would require up to three surgeries. At this present time, Corey has had only the one surgery. He goes every six months for an echo and for now he remains the same. One day he will need a stent but until that day comes, he is a little boy living the best quality of life a child can have. For us, we take one day at a time.


At the age of 4, he weighed in at 60lbs. He is a bull and loves sports and keeps up with everyone. His brothers (age 16 and 12) ask me where he gets his energy from! Corey is a true blessing and a gift from God. Our CHD babies are not given the credit they deserve as they are strong and endure more than most adults could.


Story by Corey's mom, Lisa - New Jersey 

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