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Destiny, 2004

Destiny, born 2004

I remember it like yesterday, going in for my very first ultrasound. The tech kept going back and forth looking mainly at her heart. I asked if everything was okay and she said yes. Then she looked at my husband and me and said "I'm going to step out for a moment and grab the doctor". Then my heart dropped. I wasn't a first time Mother so I knew there was something going on. When the doctor came in he told us that he was going to send us to a hospital out of town for another ultrasound because he couldn't give us any idea what was going on but it wasn't right. So the LONG wait until the appointment drove me about batty. We headed to the doctors and were in the ultrasound room for two hours. Had back pain from laying on that hard table.


After all the waiting they said the same thing sending me to a children’s hospital because they couldn't tell me what was wrong with my baby. We waited for a few hours and they saw us that day. After a few hours of testing I went into Dr. Cnota's office and he gave us a list of heart defects (DORV, HLV, PS and reversed ductal flow), my daughter had. I was strong just taking everything in until he informed us of the survival rate. My heart was broken. I met my daughter's heart surgeon when I was only 6 months pregnant. Taking tours of the NICU and meeting other doctors. That was so hard to take in.


Destiny was born and transported from the hospital I delivered and was placed in the NICU. Just to see my little bundle of joy laying there with all those tubes, monitors IVS, and the knowing she was only breathing 5% o2 on her own. She had her first operation at 6 am, February 20th, 2004. It was horrible.


As of today, she is a very smart and beautiful 11 year old that wasn't suppose to live 24 hrs. I'm thankful every day for my miracle. Destiny still can't do a lot of things her siblings can do but she’s over all a very happy girl. She has many ups and many downs. But I'm just thankful every day that God gave me this blessing.


Story by Destiny’s mom, Ashley – North Carolina

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