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Elias, COA, 2012

Elias, born 2012

This is the story of my baby boy Elias. He was born perfectly healthy on August 12, 2012 as nothing seemed wrong, but he had a hidden heart defect we didn’t know about. His pediatrician did all the normal stuff (checking his height, his weight, etc.) but at his six month check up, he noticed a murmur. He asks me if anyone has ever mentioned this to me and I said no. He went on to say it was probably nothing and that he’d more than likely grow out of it but at the same time referred me to a pediatric cardiologist. After hearing the news, I couldn’t believe what he said but something in my heart told me to make the appointment.


On April 15, 2013, Elias is seen by a pediatric cardiologist and he confirms that he does in fact have a murmur as well as a small hole between his right and left valve which may close on its own as he grows older. But he did an ultrasound just to confirm it’s what he said and that’s where we find the scary stuff out. Dr Hrair Garabedian came in holding a paper with a picture of a heart on it with three areas circled and he said Eli needed to have surgery. He said he was born with an atrial septal defect and coarctation of the aorta. This explained why I noticed my son having a hard time trying to stand, his legs and feet being cold all the time even with socks and shoes on, and getting tired from a lot. After waiting to hear from the surgeon, we finally get a date for surgery and on May 9th he had open heart surgery. His surgery went great and he’s started crawling and cruising. I can’t wait for his 1st birthday as it’s going to be so much fun.


Story by Eli’s mom, Audra – Washington

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