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Elizabeth, 1995

Elizabeth, born 1995

On September 28, 1995, after a very stressful pregnancy, five weeks early and emergency c-section, our first daughter was born. Just a few hours after Elizabeth's birth, we were told that she had a ventricular septal defect. We had never heard of congenital heart defects and were worried when we heard that she had a hole between the left and right ventricles.


The doctors assured us that it was not causing any health problems and it could possibly close on its own. We were told we could wait and watch to see how she would progress. We have a wonderful pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist who kept a close eye on her. Elizabeth thrived. When we took her to her cardiology appointment when she was four years old, we were told that it had completely closed on its own. What an answer to prayer it was.


Elizabeth has grown into a beautiful, intelligent girl and is a wonderful big sister to Emilyn who was also born with a congenital heart defect.


Story by Elizabeth's mom, Stephanie - Alabama

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