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Elizabeth, born 2009

Our daughter, Elizabeth, was born February 12, 2009 with severe aortic stenosis. We did not find out until she was a day old and they transferred her to the Cardiac ICU at Children's Hospital Boston. They kept her there for four days and said she was tolerating the stenosis well enough to go home and get bigger.


She had two balloon angioplasties by the time she was 3 months old and did well for a while. Her stenosis was moderate but then she developed severe regurgitation and became symptomatic. She was getting sweaty and short of breath with feedings and when trying to crawl and play on the floor.


On December 9, 2009 she had open heart surgery. They were able to repair the valve by using a piece of the pericardium. She now has mild/moderate stenosis and mild regurgitation. Today, she is doing fantastic. She will likely outgrow this surgery and need it again by the time she is 2 but for now she is great!


Jen, mom to Elizabeth - MASSACHUSETTS  

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