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Ethan, born 2000

Ethan is a remarkable child, as they all are! He is just as athletic as his brothers and sister are and he knows when he needs to take a moment. He gives life his absolute all everyday. Ethan rides his bike like it was a Harley; his skateboard and swimming are his favorite things to do. He shoots baskets with his brother Joshua everyday at the end of our driveway and yes works hard in school too.


Like most parents with this same story we were in a state of shock hearing the news, although the doctor missed his condition until after delivery. U of M Mott Children’s Hospital was a wonderful place to be for his surgeries the entire staff dedicated themselves to helping all the parents there in the same situation by offering; understanding, care, kindness, and yes even the moments to cry in their offices when discussing care for Ethan. My wife and I are stronger people today because of Ethan and have learned over the years to appreciate life more.


Story by Ethan’s dad, Michael – Florida

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