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Eva, 2007

Eva, born 2007

Eva was born March 28, 2007 with HLHS.  She has been treated at Boston Children's Hospital by Dr. Tworetsky and Dr. Bacha.  She is thriving, strong and amazing. 


We were diagnosed at 18 weeks and it was the most devastating day of my life.  The pregnancy was uneventful and Eva grew well and strong. She had the Norwood at 5 days old and were out of the hospital in three weeks.  She grew fast and did great but started to slow down a little at five months of age. It was time for surgery number two.


She had the Glenn procedure at six months of age.  She was home in two weeks! She is such a trooper. Now the amazing part is when they went in for the Glenn, her surgeon tried a new procedure in hopes of getting her heart to grow and it worked.  Her latest echo showed her left side is now normal size. We have no promises but our surgeon states there is a 90% chance of having a takedown and Eva having a two ventricle repair. Right now we are watching her valves as they are still on the smaller side but I have hope they will catch up as well. 


I still can't believe from such a hopeless beginning we have come to this point of endless hope.  And I'm also proud to say we have just celebrated her 1st birthday, a day I didn't think we would see.  Our PC and surgeon are amazing. Our hospital is amazing and I can't thank them enough.


Story by Eva's mom, Jill - Massachusetts

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