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Gabriel, COA, 2013

Gabriel, born 2013

Gabriel was born on August 26th and was 7 lbs 5.3 oz and was absolutely perfect.


On August 27th, the pediatric doctor on call said he heard a slight heart murmur and said that it was probably nothing and he would check it the following day before we were discharged. The next day, I noticed Gabriel’s breathing was a little fast but figured the nurses would have said something if it was something to worry about so I just dismissed it. The nurse told us to start packing and she would get us the discharge papers. During this time, the nurse came back to get Gabriel so the doctor could listen to his heart one final time before we went home. They took Gabriel from the room and my husband and I continued to pack. When the doctor walked back in the room with Gabriel I knew something was wrong. He told us that the murmur had gotten worse and Gabriel would have to be sent immediately to another hospital that specialized in congenital heart defects.


I had honestly had never heard those words before - congenital heart defects or if I had, it was never something I felt the need to look into. Those three words that day changed my life.


After having an echo done at the Children's Hospital, they diagnosed Gabriel with Coarctation of the Aorta, ASD, and VSD. He had open heart surgery at nine days old on September 4th, 2013 to correct all three. His surgery went great and after 10 days, he was taken off the ventilator and was breathing on his own.


On September 16th, they did a swallow study on Gabriel and found out he was aspirating and on September 18th, they placed a G-Tube in his stomach to feed him through. We were released from the hospital on September 26th; exactly one month after Gabriel was born.


On October 18th we had another swallow study done and he passed this time and we were able to start feeding him with a bottle. After another Echo was done on November 5th, the doctor said his Aorta was still slightly narrowed, most likely from scar tissue and he may have to have a procedure done to open it up a little more.


Gabriel is doing great at the moment. Even with all the medical issues, we love him just the way he is and think he is perfect.


Story by Gabriel’s mother, Desiree - Louisiana

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