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Gavin, 2012

Gavin, born 2012

Our son was diagnosed with a large cystic hygroma at a routine first trimester screening. We had CVS testing done which thankfully came back with no chromosome abnormalities. It was 10 weeks later at a fetal echo we were told there was something wrong with our son's heart. One week after we were introduced to CHD and the world of pediatric cardiology and that our son would need three palliative surgeries to survive .


After monthly echos Gavin was born ready to fight. He was born with TOF along with a hypoplastic tricuspid valve and right ventricle. Because of his tricuspid valve and right ventricle he wasn't a candidate for the complete TOF repair. On 12/17/12 at 11 days old he underwent his first surgery, the BT shunt. He came home 2 days after his first Christmas. We went for a routine catheterization on 3/5/13 to plan his next surgeries. During the procedure it was discovered his shunt was clotting and he wasn't receiving enough oxygen. He was admitted to the PICU to await his 2nd surgery, The Glenn. He had his bi-lateral, bi-directional Glenn that same evening. He spent several weeks recovering in the PICU and came home about a month later.


He's been home growing and getting big and strong enough for the Fontan. He sees his cardiologist every 6 months for echoes to monitor when he his ready for his Fontan.  


Story by Gavin's mom, Angie - Connecticut

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