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Gianmarco, born 2010

Gianmarco was born on November 5, 2010. When he was born the doctor in the hospital told us he had a heart murmur. We were told not to worry and they ran additional tests on him. The day after we got home I received a call from the hospital that we had to take him immediately to the cardiologist. When we got there he was screaming and wouldn't stay still so the doctor asked us to come back in a few weeks. It was at that time that we were told he had an Atrial Septic Defect (ASD) and that he would need surgery to repair it as the hole was quite big.


As you can imagine, this was devastating that our sweet, little boy needed to have surgery. No matter how many times the doctor or anyone else says these are so common nowadays and not to worry, it's really not that reassuring knowing that your little baby is going to have open heart surgery. We were told the surgery would happen when he was about 2 years old. He is now 18 months and a couple of weeks ago at his visit to the cardiologist, the right side of his heart has gotten bigger and he hasn't gained weight in 3 months! The surgery has been moved up to June 8, 2012 at New York- Presbyterian Children's Hospital. They believe there might be a connection to his low weight and his heart. Mind you, he's a great eater and eats all day long!


I am so thankful that the doctor heard the heart murmur when he was born because then we may have never known about his heart condition....and that is a very scary thought. He is such a happy, energetic and mischievous little boy who shows no signs that he is anything other than perfect :) I will be sure to post an update after his surgery. This is a great site and it is reassuring to hear other stories.



Gianmarco finally had his surgery on 6/20/12. The original date was 6/8/12 but was postponed due to a cold. He is doing amazing! The hole in his heart was bigger than they had expected, but has been fixed as well as the vein. His heart is almost at a normal size. Kids are so amazing, you would never know he had surgery. We are so blessed and thankful that he is doing so well!


Story by Gianmarco’s mom, Isabella - Connecticut

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