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Gianna, born 2001

Gianna was born September 30, 2001.  She was born with unbalanced AV Canal, HLHS, bilateral SVC and interrupted IVC.  She was also born with polysplenia and heterotaxy of liver and stomach. We found out about Gianna's heart defect at 30 weeks gestation although after 5-6 fetal echocardiograms, we still weren't sure of her exact diagnosis.

She was born via repeat c-section at Columbia Presbyterian and had the modified Norwood on October 2, 2001 by Dr. Q.  Gianna had her second surgery in March of 2002 which was supposed to be the Glenn but her pulmonary arteries were too small so a larger conduit was placed instead.  Then, a year later in March of 2003, she had the bi-directional Glenn on the right and the hemi-fontan on the left.

Gianna is getting ready for her fourth and hopefully final (Fontan) surgery the summer of 2006.  God has blessed Gianna in so many ways from her easy going disposition to her ability to heal very quickly.  We know through God that Gianna will go through this surgery and recover without difficulty. She is always an example to our family of God's grace.

Gianna has an older brother, attends preschool and dances ballet and tap.  Like most little girls, Gianna loves princesses. She is a funny child and is so so precious to us.

Story by Gianna's mom, Dawn - NEW YORK

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