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Hallie Grace, 2014

Hallie Grace, born 2014

Half way through my 2nd pregnancy, the day before Christmas Eve, at a routine sonogram, our unborn baby girl was diagnosed with HLHS. We were stunned, devastated, and heartbroken. News like that is life changing. You wonder how you will ever get through it, how your family will get through it, most of all how your new baby will get through it? 


For almost five months we feared the unknown, we worried, we submitted ourselves to God and held onto our faith. We educated ourselves on what to expect, knowing all the time that there were so many different possibilities and outcomes, negative and positive, we chose to focus on the positive. We prayed and prayed, along with family and friends, that our story would be one of triumph and success. We prayed through the unknown, through the anxiety and worry, through two surgeries, and extensive hospital stays, and we never lost hope. We felt overwhelming gratitude and joy in every outcome, more love than we have ever known, and saw proof that this journey is not hopeless by any means! 


One year after being diagnosed with HLHS we are loving our beautiful, bouncing, baby girl! Hallie Grace is 20 months old now and by looking at her, you would never know what she has been through. She has defied the odds and amazed us all, including her doctors, over and over again. Hallie is our miracle, our constant reminder that we have been abundantly blessed! 


Story by Hallie's mom, Christi - Texas 

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