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Heidi, born 2010

Heidi was diagnosed with a hole in her heart at 3 months. We got the hole checked again at a year old and then when she was two years old. At three the hole had grown from a 2 to a 6. Heidi was sleeping a very long time at night and taking very long naps throughout the day. We would be outside playing and she would sneak in and get on the couch. We knew something was wrong so I made another appointment.


Sure enough it had to be closed. They closed the hole via cath and surgery was done in 20 minutes. By the next day when we got discharged, Heidi told the nurse she was walking out of there!


She hasn't stopped since then! She has totally come out of her shell and now wants to hug everybody we see! We are so blessed to have Blair Batson Children's Hospital!


Story by Heidi’s mom, Ashley - Mississippi

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