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Iris, 2018

Iris, born 2018

Iris was born at 39 weeks, 5 lb 9 oz with no complications. At her two-week check-up the pediatrician thought she heard a murmur and referred us for an Echo, which revealed two small ASDs and a large VSD. The cardiologist told us surgery was likely but we would give her a chance to see if they close on their own. After a month of increased calories and medications (Lasix and Digoxin) to help with weight increase, my husband and I met the cardiologists again who said Iris still has a large hole and would need surgery to close it.


We felt a little fear of not knowing what to expect while our baby would have to go through open heart surgery. We also felt relief knowing that her defect was fixable and we would be in the best hands at University of Michigan Children's Hospital. A couple weeks later she had a successful surgery and wonderful recovery.


It's amazing after surgery to realize how sick she really was. We didn't think we saw any symptoms, but after her heart was fixed she started eating better, was more interactive, and her color was not as pale. I'm so thankful for the support and for technology to heal my daughter.


Story by Sarah, mom to Iris - Michigan

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