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Jayden, 2010

Jayden, born 2010

When Jayden was born January 21st and at a week old he had his first open heart surgery, the Norwood procedure.  Jayden also had a g-tube surgery a month after his heart surgery because he had bad acid reflux.  Jayden spent two months in the hospital and came home on March 5th.  He was home for twelve hours and had to be re-admitted WVU Children’s Hospital for g-tube infection.  On March 20th he was suppose to come home but he had a seizure.  On April 8th he had the Glenn procedure.  That night after his surgery Jayden’s oxygen level drop to 4% and I turned and looked out the window Prayed to God to save my baby because I couldn’t lose him. They doctors did an x-ray and found that his right lung had collapsed.  Jayden spent 5 months of his life in the hospital and he came home June 3rd.   At the age of two on March 6, 2012, Jayden had the Fontan procedure.  After his Fontan he had a lot of fat tissue build up and had to be put on a fat free diet.  He spent two weeks in the hospital.


Today, Jayden is full of life and a very happy little boy. We never knew he had a congenital heart defect until he was eight hours old.  Dr. Gustafson at WVU Children’s Hospital is the one that did Jayden’s surgeries. He has a sister and brother that are healthy.


Story by Jayden’s mom, Jessica – West Virginia

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