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John, 1999

John, born 1999

John was born with Double Outlet Right Ventricle along with multiple other complex defects, making his heart a rare condition. He was told up to 6th grade that he could not play competitive sports. He has had one open heart and still has a leaky pulmonary valve as well as other issues that will need to be addressed in the future. However, he has had a passion for basketball that could not be denied. So, finally, in 6th grade the cardiologists finally gave their blessing for John to try-out for the school's competitive basketball team. He continues to play as a starter on their 7th gr. team and even has a play designed around him as he is the leading scorer in most games. He plays hard and doesn't take for granted each game he has. He hustles for the ball and has even been called "Double Clutch" because of making a pivotal play twice. His brothers call him "Heart Attack Clutch." Now, the coaches call him the "Bull" because he will plow right through a group of players to make a play. This year he actually ran Cross Country for the high school and didn't do too bad. He's an inspiration to his teammates and the audience. He's an audience favorite because he often turns the game around. He may have to one day give up being the star on the court, but for now he's enjoying live and doing, most definitely, what God intended.


Story by John's mom, Rachel - Kentucky

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