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Joseph, 2005

Joseph, born 2005

Joseph was born December 23, 2005.  I still remember waiting in my room after the nurses took him for a bath and having what seemed like an army of people arrive.  I actually made a joke about something being wrong and to my horror the cardiologist informed me that I was right. He went on to say that Joseph had to be transported to Boston Children's Hospital to have and a cath and three surgeries.  I don't think I heard anything after that - it just sounded like babble to me. 

Joseph was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and had the Norwood at 4 days old followed by a 5 1/2 week stay.  It felt like months at his bedside wondering what was going to happen to our baby. He has a big brother who was filled with questions about whether we were going to be able to keep him. 

After the bumpy start, he has had an uncomplicated time at home and had his second surgery on May 24th at 5 months old.  We were home in six days and have again been blessed to have had an uncomplicated post op recovery. Of course, I am worried each day about his eating - his growth - his future.  This experience has taught me that these things are truly out of our control. He has had excellent medical care from the nurses, doctors, surgeons and specialists involved with his case. 

Each day is a blessing and I try to enjoy him as a mom and not a nurse.  It is a challenge. Joseph is a happy, smiling baby and is entertained by his 7 year old brother, Jaxon.  He is handling his life like a fighter and we are trying to be just as strong.

Story by Joseph's mom, Melinda - Rhode Island

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