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Josh, 1999

Josh, born 1999

On May 26, 1999 a beautiful baby boy was brought into this world.  Josh looked completely normal weighing six pounds and seven ounces.  Josh was diagnosed with HLHS two months before birth. I had never heard of this serious heart condition ever before.  However, after Josh was diagnosed, my knowledge of it grew rapidly thanks to the internet. 


Upon delivery, Josh was flown to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville.  Dr. Austin was his cardiovascular surgeon. Two days after birth, Josh underwent a very long 22-hour Norwood procedure.  The procedure was so long because too small of a shunt was put in the first time. So, the surgery was pretty much performed twice.  The second time, a larger shunt was put in. Dr Austin informed us that Josh's Norwood was the longest once he ever performed. He told us that he just couldn't quit because his little heart was so strong.  Thank God he didn't because his little heart was so strong. Thank God he didn't because he's still going strong today!

Story by Josh's step-mom, Lisa - Kentucky

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