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Juseylis, 2010

Juseylis, born 2010

When I was six months pregnant I had an ultrasound appointment. I was so excited because I was going to find out the sex of the baby. I noticed that the nurse was taking longer than usual. I ask her "Is it a girl or a boy?" She said “It’s a girl but I need you to wait in the waiting room until I get a doctor. He will review the pictures and then speak with you”. From that point on I knew something wasn't right. I was in the waiting room with my first born and fiancé when a doctor approach me. He introduce himself as a Pediatric Cardiologist. We went to a private room and it was then when I found out my baby girl was going to be born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of fallot. He told me she would need surgery when she was four months old.

When she was born the doctors immediately took her to the NICU. After three days of observation they decided she was ready to go home and surgery would be in four months. She was four weeks old when she had an appointment with her pediatrician. Her doctor noticed she had a fever and decided to transfer her to the emergency room. Nurses couldn't understand why she had a fever. After several tests including a lumbar puncture they decided to admit her because her oxygen level dropped to 70. Not long after being admitted was she transferred to intensive care due to all the spells she was getting. On the 27th of March at 1:00 am (my birthday) I was awakened by the sounds of the machine that was connected to my baby. All of a sudden her room was filled with about 13 people, doctors and nurses. The doctor told me that she was going to need surgery as soon as possible and we were going to be transferred by ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital. Four days later she had surgery. After she came out of surgery she recovered really well.


Today she is doing well is such a happy girl. She will need another surgery when she is a little older to repair her leaky valve. This is my little miracle’s story.


Story by Juseylis’ mom, Lisandra – Connecticut

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