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Justin, 2006

Justin, born 2006

When I was 18 weeks pregnant, Justin was diagnosed with Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries (L-TGA), one VSD and pulmonary stenosis. We quickly learned that, not only were his pulmonary artery and aorta reversed, but his left and right ventricles were also reversed. This meant that his blood would be traveling the correct direction and he would not need corrective surgery immediately, unless there was an issue with the VSD being too large or the PS being too narrow.


Other than the fact that I was very worried, I had a relatively normal pregnancy. Since my first child delivered by c-section, I elected to have Justin delivered by scheduled c-section December 4, 2006 at New York - Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. His oxygen levels were between 95 and 97 within a few hours after he was born. After only 2 days of observation in the NICU, he was approved to be discharged from the hospital.


During the first several weeks after he was born, we went for regular pediatrician checkups and pediatric cardiology checkups. When he was 7.5 weeks old, we learned that the electrical system in his heart was causing him to drop heartbeats. After keeping my poor baby on a 24 hour heart monitor, our doctor told us that Justin would need to have a pacemaker implanted. The surgery (done in February 2007) and recovery were exhausting, emotional and nerve racking.


Justin is a smart, funny and happy little boy. From the day that he was born, you would not know that he has a CHD from just observing him. He has fully participated in his morning preschool programs since he was about 2 years old. At age 3, he just started learning golf. He loves his friends and his family (especially his big sister). As of April 2010, we are monitoring the timing of changing his pacemaker battery. He will need corrective surgery at some point for the L-TGA, so that there is not an excessive strain on his right ventricle. We are optimistic about medical developments, which continue to improve, so that Justin can continue growing up to be healthy and happy.


Story by Justin's mom Tracie - Hometown is NEW YORK, now residing in SINGAPORE

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