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Kaden, 2013

Kaden, born 2013

On January 29th of 2013, I was given upsetting news that my son with be born with a heart defect. Thoughts came to my mind was, one being “will my child survive”? Being a single parent was hard because I had to face this on my own, but I know God was on my side. My family and friends stood by my side and help me through my pregnancy.


On June 14th, I celebrated my birthday by going into labor. I was not ready for him be born because I knew he was safe in my belly. That next day, my son was born. The doctors and nurses were prepared for his arrival in the Congenital Heart Surgery Unit. A few days had passed and I was kissing him and told him that "I Love You" and "I Will Be Waiting for You". Hours passed and the surgeon came out and said Kaden did wonderful in surgery and I would be able to get to see him soon. I knew right then, I was blessed with a heart warrior from God. The past days were good and bad, but with him eating and him breathing on his own, it was time to take him home.


Months have passed and we prepared for the second surgery. Once again, with all the prayers and God on our side, Kaden had a successful surgery. Seven days later, we were going home.


Kaden has made me to be a better person and a strong woman. God has definitely blessed me with a strong heart warrior!


Story by Kaden’s mom, Sevena - Texas

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