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Kyle, 2009

Kyle, born 2009

My son, Kyle, was born on a lucky day - St. Patrick's Day of 2009 at Hinsdale Hospital in Illinois. I believe that despite all Kyle has gone through in his short life, good luck has truly followed him since his birth. He is a happy 15 month old who has a very special heart!


At my 20 week ultrasound, I found out his diagnosis of Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV). Although it was very difficult to find out about his heart defect, I am thankful that I found out when I did, to gain understanding of the defect, find excellent doctors for him, and to become as mentally prepared as I could.


When Kyle was born he was a beautiful rosy color and a healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces, so my hopes were high that his VSD was in a good location. Unfortunately, when his cardiologist examined him shortly after his birth, it was apparent that Kyle was not receiving enough oxygen. I got to hold my son for a little bit, and then Kyle took his first ambulance ride to Christ Medical Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He spent his first 10 days there and had a balloon atrial septostomy to open up his ASD. He was able to come home without oxygen, and he was eating well.


He was home for three weeks before he took his second ambulance ride to Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn after a routine visit to the cardiologist. This was due to oxygen levels in the sixties. Dr. Ilbawi performed a BT shunt on him, and he was only in recovery for three days. He got home just in time for this baptism!


At six months, Kyle had a planned open heart surgery called the Glenn, to attach this superior vena cava to his pulmonary artery. Again, everything went very well, and he was discharged after only five days. He is currently on Lasix and sees his cardiologist once every 3 months. Kyle's oxygen levels are now in the low 80's.


The plan for Kyle to have the last of the 3-staged surgeries called the Fontan in the spring of 2011 when he is about 2 years old.


Kyle is an extremely happy, active, "healthy" toddler. All he wants to do is keep up with his 3 year old sister, Alayna! Although he may have limitations with his single ventricle heart as he grows, I am confident that Kyle will lead a "normal" life full of happiness. Although I know there will be many ups and downs in the future, I consider myself, my family and Kyle lucky. St. Patrick's Day is an appropriate birthday for Kyle!


Story by Kyle's mom, Libby - ILLINOIS

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