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Lauren, born 1983

Our daughter, Lauren, was born on September 22, 1983 with Truncus Arteriosis and an interrupted arch. Her sister, Erin, was also born with Truncus in 1980 and passed away when she was two years old, in 1982.


Lauren's life is truly a success story. She had her fourth surgery this past June. She is doing well. Lauren is an inspiration for all who meet her. She has never let her CHD stand in her way. She danced for 17 years. Cheerleading was another favorite of hers growing up. She graduated from Westfield State College in 2006. She is presently working toward her MSW. She has been married for two years.


All moms and dads who read her story can find hope in it. Lauren was put on this earth for a reason. She hopes to work in a hospital when she receives her MWS. She can make a difference in so many lives. Lauren is my little miracle baby. I am so lucky to be her mom.


Story by Sheila, mom to Lauren - Massachusetts

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