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Lee, born 1996

When Lee was born he was a blue baby. Yes, blue is my favorite color but not in my child. My husband and I had no clue on what Pulmonary Stenosis was and were very upset and frighten. Our doctor told us and explained it to us with the utmost care and knowledge. Dr. Hudson Allender will always be our hero even though he would never admit it. He always tells us he is doing the job that God gave him the talent for.


Lee was three days old when he had his surgery done. He is now a teenager and doing FANTASTIC! He is in his second year of high school and making A's and B's. He goes back to see his heart doctor on May 7th to see how things are going. We have to do this every five years. Each time we go we are on pins and needles because we don't know if this will be the time for more surgery or not. God have kept that at bay for now and we are standing in Faith that no surgery will be needed, but if it needs to be done we will face it as a family full of faith and prayers. I guess what I am saying is to keep up the faith and the love of those around you and you can get through it.


Story by Lee’s mom, Diana – Texas

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