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Lindsay, 2005

Lindsay, born 2005

Having a big family was not necessarily in our plans.  When we found out we were expecting our fifth child, we laughed and thought "Now how did that happen!"  When we found out our 5th child would have HLHS, we though "why did this happen?" We may never get the answer to that question but Lindsay is here for a reason.


Lindsay was born October 17, 2005.  Her first surgery was October 21st and we were home by November 1st.  She cam home just feeding from a bottle and continued to thrive. On March 1st, she had her Glenn and was home on March 7th.  She continues to thrive and is a joy to our family. She is expecting her Fontan the fall of 2008. 


Although the worries will never end, as with any parents, I take comfort in knowing that with each day she is a happy, loving child we are blessed to have in our lives.


Story by Lindsay's mom, Julie - NEW JERSEY

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