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Logan, 2004

Logan, born 2004

Our story began on April 28, 2004 with the wonderful delivery of our healthy 7lb. 12oz. baby boy who we named Logan.  After only being home a few hours, we took him to the ER as he was having difficulty breathing where we were told we had a sick little boy.  He was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital in critical condition. 

After a day of unknowing worry, fear, desperation and never ending prayers, we were finally provided with answers.  The pediatric cardiologist gave us the diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We were heartbroken and in tears but this doctor gave us hope.  We were provided with the three options in determining Logan's future and chose the 3-staged surgery. Waiting for a heart that may never come or letting our baby boy die without any surgical intervention were not options for us.

Logan had the Norwood procedure on May 6th (which is also National Day of Prayer).  He did not recover as well as the doctors had hoped as he had very low oxygen saturation levels which were in the 50-60's.  We were told that he had coarctation of the aorta as well as kidney and liver damage and was on dialysis for a month and a half.  On his big sister's birthday, July 8th, he had a double angioplasty to repair the narrowing of the aorta and to break up a blood clot in the shunt.  As a result of his aorta issues, Logan had the Glenn on August 13th when he was only 3 1/2 months old. During this surgery, Logan also had a portion of his aorta replaced with donor tissue.  His recovery from this one didn't go well either as he was persistent to stay on the ventilator. However, the staff at the hospital was more persistent, wonderful and courageous as they coaxed him off the vent.

He never had any feeding issues and only had the NG tube during his first hospital stay.  He has always been on the growth charts and is in the "normal" range. Logan is awesome. He crawls, pulls up, changes the channels using the TV remote, has several words in his vocabulary, eats like a champ, and is in most ways a normal baby. 

He loves to swim and play and we do not curb our family activities.  Logan has been to church, museums, parks, parties, and restaurants, anywhere we would go ourselves.  The only difference is we make certain that any sick person stays away from him and from strangers wanting to "pet the pretty baby".  He gets many baths.

Logan is an active, joyful, happy baby boy who will have a wonderful future.  He takes only a few medications but this is his routine.

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