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Logan, 2007

Logan, born 2007

Our beautiful boy, Logan, was born on June 7, 2007 with Tetralogy of Fallot and Pulmonary Atresia.


We learned at 32 weeks that he had a heart defect. The only reason it was caught this far along was because he was running large for his gestational age. I truly believe this was in God's plans, because his healthy size gave him a jump start with his preterm birth and future surgeries. He came 4 weeks early weighing an amazing 7lbs 15oz. Truly a blessing. He was not a blue baby as they are called.


We were never prepared for anything that would happen over the next weeks. Logan was flown to Children's Hospital in New Orleans within 24 hours of birth, which would become our home for the next two and a half months. We were told after his first catheterization at 4 days old that we would have to wait until he reached a certain weight and this could take weeks. In the meantime, he started with an arrhythmia, SVT,and was placed on Inderal.


Six weeks after he was born, we were given a surgery date, July 24th. It was one of the worst days of our lives. We put it in God's hands to guide his amazing surgeons and received the news that he did wonderful. We saw him in the PICU and it was heartbreaking to see but comforting to know he was not in pain. He was extubated, but then went into complete heart failure. Collaterals were doubling the blood flow to the lungs, since he had his shunt placement. These collaterals had to be blocked, or his lungs would drown. He underwent another heart catheterization, coiled some of the collaterals, and we were released on August 18th. It was a bittersweet day, because we made so many friends at the hospital.


We had another heart catheterization the following January and received news that Logan needed to go to Boston Children's for his upcoming surgery. Since then, our little miracle has undergone two more surgeries at Boston Children's hospital by Dr. Bacha. He had a unifocalization on April 9,2008, then on April 16th, his little heart was completely repaired with the VSD closed and a conduit placed to serve as a valve and connection between his pulmonary arteries and his right ventricle. He also had two stents placed in his pulmonary arteries. We went back on August 13th for a check up, and everything was better than they expected.


He may need multiple surgeries in the future, but all we can do is enjoy him, love him, and take everyday one at a time. Most of all, we thank God for his many blessings and our family and friends for their unconditional love, prayers, and support, especially Logan's grandparents. They were always there for us, and we could not have gone through this without them. God knew when he placed Logan in this family, he would be well taken care of.


Story by Logan's mom, Kayla - Louisiana

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