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Louie, born 2009 Aortic Coarctation.jpg

Louie, born 2009

Louie is doing Great! He will be 11 years old soon. He said to me not too long ago someone in school said he could not have had heart surgery because he has no scar on his chest. We then showed him that he does have a scar. He had a thoracotomy so his scar is on his back. I am grateful he has no memories of his time in the hospital.  We have follow ups every 2 years with cardiology at Childrens Hospital is St. Louis. He enjoys baseball and playing his PlayStation. We are lucky and blessed his heart defects were found when they were. We thank God we are blessed with a healthy, happy little man.


Story by Louie’s parents, Julie & Kevin - ILLINOIS

Updated May 2020

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